AirMaid 2300 - Programmable Ozone generator/Ozonizer with timer - 12W



AirMaid 2300 Series Ozone generators distroy all unpleasant organic odours. The the Ozone output is fully adjustable by user to suit room size and application.
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Powerful Ozone generator with little power consumption

This powerful Ozone Generator is able to keep air clean from pathogens and odours, mainly coming from plants.

Effective odour control can be achieved in the grow room using this ozone generators. This is a simple compact unit that is easy to install and requires very little power or maintenance.

The generator can be programmed to give a high dose of ozone when people will not be present, giving deep sanitation and odour treatment, or it can be operated at a constant safe output to enhance the quality of the air. In addition, the generator ca be switched off and on at times set by the user, with variable output control. These features give the unit great operational flexibility. 

Technical specifications

  • Input voltage: 220-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Average power: 12W
  • Ozone output: up to 100mg/h
  • Size: 210mm x142mm x75mm

Watt 12 W
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