The 5 Best Grow Boxes on the Market - 2021

The 5 Best Grow Boxes on the Market - 2021

We all know that an indoor grow box is a great way to operate more discreetly. Also referred to as an invisible grow cabinet, even the best beginner grow box will allow you to continue growing indoors, while still looking just like a regular closet. These devices, once set up, allow you to control every aspect of the crop, from ventilation to light, odors and water. You won't have to rely on time to produce a healthy environment for your plants. Plus, you won't have to worry about insects or diseases, at least not as an outdoor crop. A grow box will help you produce at home with ease. It will stay hidden and you can even reduce the heat, noise and odors that come from growing.
Here for you we offer the 5 best grow boxes on the market for both experienced growers and beginners.

1.Best quality / price grow box

Hydroshoot by Secret Jardin

It is a well-made growbox and thanks to the Mylar D70 fabric with a high reflection coefficient. It is equipped with from 1.6 to 1.9cm for better support than the old models. It opens to 270 degrees so it is convenient and accessible without light leaks (completely lightproof). Equipped with two sleeves for air intake and extraction, although at a competitive price it guarantees optimal performance.
PROS: Very economical, convincing Mylar and possibility or cultivation horizontally and vertically.

CONS: A single opening hinge for opening the grow on one side.


2. The best All-In-One Grow Box

Lodge by Secret Jardin

This splendid Growroom stands out as one of the best on the market for medium crops for continuous cycle production: covered in Mylar 210D, it has 16mm poles: the internal space can be divided up to three separate chambers (vegetative, flowering, germination) each provided of sleeves for extraction and introduction. Simplicity in cultivation and use in confined spaces, such as small rooms, garages and cellars with low ceilings, make it an ideal product for non-beginners.

PROS: A single grow tent for all phases with the possibility of creating a continuous cycle cultivation.
CONS: Not particularly easy to mount due to large volumes, especially in larger formats.

3. The best American style grow box

Mammoth Elite Plus HC

We propose this growbox for the high quality, the large spaces and the shallow depth that allows you to keep the plants in line making them easily accessible, available in various heights therefore very customizable as regards the space, they are coated with Mylar 600D which is placed among the Mylar with the highest reflective coefficient.

PROS: Generous dimensions also suitable for flats with more luxuriant growth and shrub type.
CONS: No carrying bags are provided.

4. Best Grow Box for Micro Growing

Hydroshoot 40

Lined with D70 high reflection coefficient material, it features a metal frame and plastic corners to support heavy weights. It is equipped with air intakes for the aspirator and with mesh windows for natural ventilation. It is equipped with 2 extraction sleeves. Thanks to the possibility of opening on two sides, it can be used both vertically and resting it on the long side.

PROS: Particularly cheap, easy to assemble, much improved over the years in terms of fabric and structure.
CONS: Entry level zip seams.

5. The best Modular Grow Box

Cultibox SG Combi

Innovative Grow tent, currently the only one to allow modular or in-line connection with other Cultibox SG Combi. By joining two or more Cultibox SG Combi together, it is possible to modulate the cultivation air as you wish, adapting it to your spaces, thanks to the four openings, a front door with zip closure and three side doors with velcro closure. An innovative high performance product.

PROS: It comes with a carrying bag and therefore easy to move. It allows you to expand the cultivation space at any time.
CONS: Despite the openings on all 4 sides, only one has a zipper, the others can be opened with Velcro which we find a little uncomfortable.

What are you waiting for? Start your indoor growing adventure with us!

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