The best fertilizers, stimulators and boosters for growing outdoors of 2022

The best fertilizers, stimulators and boosters for growing outdoors of

If in the previous article we learned what fertilizers are and their differences with stimulators and boosters, here we present a selection of the most effective products of 2022 to take care and nourish your plants, in order to have beautiful plants and lush harvests.

The 3 best soil fertilizers


Terra Grow Mix by Cellmax is highly concentrated liquid fertilizer for soil cultivation, for the vegetative phase and very early flowering phases. It is a single component that contains nitrogen, extra potassium, phosphorus and trace elements and quickly absorbed chelates.






Bio Vega was specially developed for the plant growth phase, rich in nitrogen. It is part of CANNA's brand new line of organic fertilizers for soil cultivation. These products have obtained the EKO SKALL certification which guarantees their biologicality. Thanks to the exclusive fermentation process, BIOCANNA products are rich in bioactive components, such as fruit acids and oligosaccharides. Fertilizer for the growth phase, rich in betaine nitrogen. The bioactive components stimulate root development and the formation of resistant buds.




Atami B'Cuzz SOIL is a very popular all-in-one nutrient due to its ease of use and its ideal formula for growth and flowering. It is a professional nourishment without toxic materials for the environment and is easily assimilated by the plant. It activates the flowering cycle of your crop and also ensures a healthy soil. It is also very suitable for substrates with a high limestone content (manufacturer's note).


The 3 Best Stimulators

  1. CANNA PK 13/14

    Canna PK 13/14 is a precious blend of phosphorus and potassium that characterize this fertilizer and stimulate flowering. It is administered to plants in the flowering phase. Both of these elements are of great importance in the flowering stage of fast-growing plants. CANNA has managed to develop a special production process for the aggregation of very pure phosphorus and potassium in very high concentrations. In this way PK 13/14 is quickly and directly available to the plant.



CELLMAX P-K BOOSTER increases the size and compactness of the flowers. The plant requires it during the flowering period from the 5th week. Contains 13% P2O5 and 14% K2O. More developed fruits in your plants with PK Booster: additional doses of phosphorus and potassium ensure greater productivity.



Atami ATA PK Booster 13-14 is a blend of phosphorus and potassium, very pure, natural and of high value. Ensures healthy and robust flowering and ensures compact flowers The plant has a huge need for phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) during the flowering period. Phosphorus (P) ensures among others of a faster division of cells in the flowers which will greatly increase in size. Furthermore, phosphorus plays a crucial role in the metabolic processes of the plant. Potassium (K) contributes in an important way to an optimal flow of juice in the plant. This way the plant develops a thicker trunk and stronger branches and the result will be a better harvest. Potassium also stimulates the production of sugars in flowers for the benefit of the smell and taste of the finished product. The combination of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) ensures a good proportion and is therefore essential for a good harvest. For this reason, PK 13-14 is also recommended for any type of flowering crop. It is suitable for all substrates, is absorbed immediately by the plant and does not contain toxic materials. PK 13-14 also ensures healthy roots, is quickly assimilated by plants and is suitable for all types of indoor and outdoor cultivation: hydroponics, soil and coco.



I 3 Best Bloom Boosters 


Top Max by Biobizz is particularly suitable for use together with Biobizz soil mixes. Here you will also find the Biobizz Bio Bloom organic fertilizer. The great ability of Top Max to facilitate the flow of nutrients derives from the use of humic acids, formed over millions of years from soil and vegetation deposits. The main source comes from a deposit called Leonardite, which is the material with the largest organic concentration on the planet. Leonardite was formed from trees and vegetation that developed and spread until it disappeared 300 million years ago, in the Carboniferous period. Fulvic acids are responsible for healthy flower development. They come from extraordinarily rich sources of humate deposits present in the depths of the earth. They have a natural electric charge that is able to attract nutrients and minerals both from the microorganisms normally present in the soil and from the organic fertilizers used. Thanks to these particular properties they are responsible, together with humic acids, for the energetic contribution provided for aged cells and for the stimulation of new cells.




Top Booster by Aptus is both a flowering and ripening stimulator. Just like Startbooster, Top Booster is a very concentrated product that contains multiple active ingredients that stimulate all flowering processes. Top Booster allows the formation of huge inflorescences and also stimulates the formation of fiber and sugars. Plants treated with Top Booster will surprise you with their organoleptic qualities: no other flowering stimulator makes your plants so beautiful and rich in aroma. Top Booster is highly concentrated and economical. A 100ml bottle is enough for 500 liters of water!

Aptus - Topbooster 5L



Atami Bloombastic is a high quality cocktail of bio-minerals and bio-stimulators suitable during the last phase of flowering (4 to 6 weeks). Thanks to an explosion in sugar and flower production, Bloombastic yields very compact and with a sweet smell. Compared to other liquid products, Atami Bloombastic contains 50% more bio-minerals (phosphorus and potassium) without any fiber (sodium and chlorine). Bloombastic also has an enzymatic power on several fronts and therefore avoids the stress caused by transplants and reservoirs, helping the recovery of the plant.

Atami Bloombastic

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