Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Caramela - 10 X Pepper Seeds



The Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Caramela is a cultivar of the Capsicum Chinense plant and native to the distict of Moruga in Trinidad. Hits 2 million Scoville heat units.
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Extremely hot with a hint of fruity and floral flavour

Thrinidad Moruga Scorpion Caramela (Brown of Chocolate) was developed from Thrinidad Scorpion, with particular evil and wrinkled appearance.
It was declared world's hottest chilli in 2012, but it was beaten in November 2013 by Carolina Reaper.
Has a average rating of 1.2 million SHU on the Scoville scale, with some single chilli pot even measuring 2,009,231 million Scoville Units.
Carolina Reaper is a Capsicum Chinese spices and also a cross between the Scotch Bonnet, Habanero Red Savina and Trinidad Scorpion.
The plant can grow up to one meter high and one meter wide.

Growing Tips of Thrinidad Scorpion Moruga Caramel Plant:
- Require a higher temperature average around 28°C - 30°C for gernination.
- Use a sterile, soilless, and lightweight mix soil and keep the soil moist.

Number of seeds per pack: 10

Caution: Handle with gloves and keep away from children

Scoville 2009231
Origin Caraibi
Hotness Extremely Hot
Variety Capsicum Chinense
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