Temperature In The Grow Room

Monitoring and controlling the temperature in the grow room

The temperature in the grow room is a very important parameter to control and regulate. The optimal range of temperature is between 21-28°c . The temperature must be monitored by a simple instrument such as a thermometer or thermo/hygrometer.

Various models exist, however we advise to use a digital thermometer with a Min/Max function which allows you to view the actual temperature and the minimum and maximum temperature reached during a period of time. In this way we can view if the temperature reached has ever gone over the desired minimum or maximum temperatures , below we will see how to intervene if they have gone out of range . 

Temperature in the grow room is too high

To lower the temperatures in the grow room we can use an extractor fan or ventilator. The extractor fan extracts the hot and stale air and in consequence the temperatures will lower. The extractor fan can be controlled by a thermostat, which makes the fan work in peaks of the hottest periods, which are generally during the hours of light. In the dark period you will note the temperatures will drop.  

If the extractor fan shows to have difficulty keeping down the temperatures, it can be advise to add air-conditioning.

Temperature in the grow is too low

To higher the temperatures in the grow it can be advise to add and electrical heater, this can also be controlled by a thermostat.

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