Light In The Grow Room

Monitoring and dosing the correct light in the grow room

The light in and indoor cultivation is the most important element. The plants must receive the correct amount of light to recreate the cycle which in outdoor cultivation is naturally provided by the sun.

In indoor cultivation it is advised to isolate completely the area maybe by purchasing a grow box which prevents the entrance of natural light in the area and makes possible the artificial control of the day and night periods. Another advantage of the ready-made grow area/rooms for sale is that they covered internally with highly reflective material which guaranties better distribution of the light. If one chooses not to use a grow box, it is possible in alternative to cover the cultivation area with reflective sheeting.

Lighting hours in the growth and flowering periods

In the growing stage it is necessary to provide around 18hrs of light per day. In the third or fourth week of growth it is possible to reduce the hours of light from 18 to 12, the plant will then perceive the arrival of Autumn (shorter days) and will therefore start to flower before Winter arrives.

In any case it is not advise to make the plant start flowering when it is still young and week as the plant will not be able to support many flowers.

Using the timer to control the on/off of the lights

The timer is very useful to regulate the on and off of the lights. There are various types of timers in commerce, the most economical type is the analogical timer which has a 24hr programme with 15min steps. The digital timers have multiple programs and can provide up to 20 different program settings. Finally there are timers with multiple channels which can control and provide from more than one socket.

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