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ROX is a truly potent bloom stimulator, formulated to trigger increased flower production and much heavier flowers.
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For all types of Cultivation

The ROX stimulator controls how high you want your plants to grow. Increase number of flowering buds by 20-30%. Add weight to ALL additional flowering buds for substantially larger yields. Reduces flowering time up to 7 days. Easy to use - works in any system, hydroponic, coconut or soil.

Once you have planted your plant and it has reached the correct height, you want it to bear fruit and flowers. Getting it is a complicated process, since you can do it too early, when the plants are still very small and you lose all potential. On the other hand, you can go 12 hours too late, when they are too big and block the light, wasting all the efforts. If you want to get the most out of your plants, ROX is for you. Whether you are a professional grower or not, ROX guarantees maximum yield in your crops.

It works in 4 ways: - First, with Rox you can choose the height you want for your plant. When it reaches 2/3 of its height and you want it it starts flowering, that's when you should apply ROX. - Additionally, ROX can increase flower buds by up to 30%. More flowers mean a better harvest. - Third, ROX makes flowering a lot heavier. Even the buds that grow in the lower parts of the plant, which previously did not matter, now have weight and substance. On average, however, it is up to 35% more some growers have reported increases of up to 50%. -Finally, ROX anticipates the ripening period of the crop by up to one week. ROX contains organic and synthetic components. The organic components are vitamins, minerals and amino acids essential for plant metabolism. Contains root stimulants for the plant to assimilate these extra nutrients needed for increased production. It also incorporates natural hormones produced by plants and organic acids; these function as regulators of plant growth, ensuring the absorption of nutrients.

Follow the directions on the bottle. You can adjust the dosage based on the results if needed. However, we recommend that you follow the indicated times. You can vary the quantity by 1/3 of what is recommended on the bottle also triple the dose, vary the appearance and weight of the results. Do it carefully, but it doesn't always imply it's better. You can also use ROX, two or three times, dividing the amount between applications. For example: if you want to use ROX at 3ml / liter in two applications, you can use 1.5ml each time.

Flower Stimulator
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