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The Vertafort Growth Booster Tablet is an organic growth booster that contains everything your plants need for optimal growth. For healthy growth right from the start
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Easy to Use Growth Booster for Optimal Growth

The Vertafort Growth Booster Tablet contains everything your plants need during the growth phase.
This organic essential bio-stimulants Growth Tablet increased resistance to pests and diseases and provides an optimal support for maximum health of your plants.
With the Vertafort Growth Booster Tablet, the plants ensure a good start throughout all their vegetative phase.
The Vertafort Bloom Booster Tablet is very easy to use. Designed as supplements they work best if you use them together with other nutrients.
We recommend using the Growth Booster Tablet together with Vertafort Pellets. The Growth Tablet and the Vertafort Pellets will work together in perfect synergy for optimal growth of your plants!
With beneficial microorganisms and amino acids which promote optimal nutrient intake, especially during the early development stages and will expand their root system faster and better growth.

How to use Vertafort Growth Booster Tablets:
For the vegetative phase:
- Dissolve 1 Growth Booster Tablet (3g) in 3-5 litres of water to make your Growth Booster mix.
- Use growth booster mix to water your plants as usual. For best results, use the growth booster mix during the entire growth phase of your plants.
* You can keep and use your prepared Growth Booster mix for 7 days. After 7 days, create new mix if necessary.

Ingredients Growth Booster Tablet:
Name: Percentage: Analysis: Percentage:
Hydrolized protein 30,0 Organic N 4,0
Leonardite humic acid 20,0 K2O 4,0
Lithothamnium seaweed 20,0 SO3 6,0
Potassium sulfate 12,0
Magnesium sulfate 3,0
Calcium bi-carbonate 15,0

5 Growth tablets

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