Rocoto de Seda - 10 X Pepper Seeds

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Overwintering and perennial variety

The Rocoto de Seda is Capsicum pubescens variety from Mexico, the vigorous plants can reach up to 1.2 metre tall and present with purple flowers.
The fleshy fruits straight from the size of 4x5cm and mature from green to yellow orange. The pepper pods have thick walled and black seeds like classic Jalapeno, produce a fantastic, fruity flavour excellent spiciness.
With proper pruning and good care will become a large bush and live for 6 years more.
This variety is great resistant of cold climates and can also cope with the central European coller summer temperatures.

Its fragrance and outstanding fleshiness are perfectly consumed raw, cut it into small pieces as a side dish to meat dishes or directly over a plate of spaghetii.
Also well suited for making sauces, salsas and baking with various fillings.

Scoville Scale: 15,000 - 50,000 SHU
Number of seeds per pack: 10


Scoville 15.000-50.000
Origin Messico
Hotness Hot
Variety Capsicum pubescens

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