Preparing The Germination Area


In this section we explain how to germinate seeds and obtain the seedlings to start your indoor cultivation. To prepare the germination area its necessary to have rock wool cubes and root booster to develop quickly the root area of the plant.

Following the instructions for germinating.

  • Prepare a solution of 5litres of water and 20ml of root stimulator – Cellmax Root Booster or an equivalent product
  • Take the rock wool cubes and leave them to soak for 24hrs in the prepared solution. (this lowers the alkalinity of the cubes as they tend towards 7.0 ph)
  • The next day, squeeze out and remove the excess water to leave a correct exchange of water and oxygen.
  • Insert the seed in the preformed hole of the cube, approximately half a cm deep.
  • Place the cube in the propagator and maintain the temperature around 26° with a high humidity level (around 80%)
  • Place the neon light closely above and leave turned on 24hrs.

The seed, initially does not necessitate light, however when the seedling has come out it is fundamental to provide a delicate white light (such as neon/cfl). Plants which do not receive enough light in this period tend to have an elongated stem. Depending on the type, quality and age of the seed the germination period can take from 2- 14days. The roots will then push out of the rock wool cubes both sideways and under the cube.

NB: The seed during germination is very delicate and should not be touched.

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