Planting The Shoot In Soil

planting the seed in a pot

Once the seed has germinated its necessary to prepare the pots and fill with soil to then place the cubes and seedlings in their new home. First thing, we need the pots and soil; be careful choosing your soil as it needs to be sterilized and stable this preventing possible contamination from parasites and ruining your cultivation. We advise the Cellmax Universal soil because it’s made up of hundreds of selected organic elements such as; peat, ox blood, bone meal, organic fertilizer ..etc

We selected this soil as it is indicted also for “lazy “ growers  as it is not necessary to add and supply extra nutrients during the start of the cultivation, just water.

At this point all that remains to do is;

  • make a well hole in the soil
  • inset the rooting media in the hole, roughly a cm down from the level of soil
  • cover the cube with soil

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