Platinium Hydroponic System - HydroPro 60 - 4 Pots 11L



Platinum HydroPro 4 pots is a very reliable system, manufactered in Canada which allows you to grow 4-16 plants, depending on the size of the crop. An active dripping hydroponic system, easy to set ...
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A 4 Pot Dripper Hydroponic System

The Platinium Hydroponic systems HydroPro-60 4 pots allow you to grow 4-16 plants, depending on the size of the crop, in soilless cultivation.

Platinium hydroponic system advantages

The hydroelectric cultivation systems are easy to assemble and use. They offer great advantages to amateurs as well as to professional growers:

  • The pots are contained in their own tank, no leaks are revealed
  • The compact size allows them to adapt to a wide range of areas, balconies included
  • Tank of large volume of water (25 to 30 L) guarantees a good water supply and helps to regulate the pH

Platinium Hydro Pro 60 Features

Technical details of the hydroponic system:

  • Size: 60x60x38,5cm
  • Dive Pump Xtra Pump (included): 7.5W - 450L/H
  • Irrigation Kit included
  • 4 pots of 11L with drain connector

High quality materials at a good price

The materials of the hydroponic tank are extremely flexible and composed of black ABS for protecting the roots from the light.  The irrigation system is fully customizable depending on the grower's needs and each pot is independent, so that they can easily move the plants.

Easy access with removable door in order to measure and light up in extreme comfort and a graduate-level solution which allows you to quickly see the level.

Assembling time: 5 minutes

Product list Platinium
Tank 30 Lt
Suggested Growing Media Argilla Espansa
Ports 4
Manufacturer Platinium
Dimensions 60x60 Cm
System Dripping
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