Adv Nutrients Sensi Bloom A+B (pH Perfect) 500ml

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ADV Nutrients Sensi Bloom A + B - pH Perfect -500ml contains an extremely balanced and accurate amount of macro and microelements for the blooming stage.
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For a lush flowering without the worrying about the PH

PH Perfect Sensi Bloom has been thoroughly tested in the field by Advanced Nutrients and thanks to this research a two-component nutrient "was born" specifically for flowering which guarantees great yields and aromatics.

A complete research conducted with weekly samplings of plant tissues has created a precisely calibrated product in its entirety macro and micro elements. The researchers discovered that these additional elements create a huge difference of growth and strength on plants during the blooming stage compared to 2-component nutrients on the market. An excellent blooming guaranteed without worrying about the pH of the nutrient solution.

USE AND DOSAGE: From the first to the 6th week of flowering, 4 ml per liter. Shake well to take full advantage.

PH Perfect Technology

The new formula 5 in 1 "pH PERFECT" contains organic surfactants, humic and fulvic acids, amino acids and a unique technology which automatically corrects the pH of your nutrient solution.

PH Perfect is the "recipe" of the technology of Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect, it contains:

  • Wet Betty, which is an organic surfactant that lowers the surface tension of your water, facilitating the dissemination and absorption of nutrients into your plants
  • Humic acid that provides a natural aid for the transport of nutrients and vitamins into your plants, so that they grow faster and develop stronger cellular processes
  • Fulvic acid that fastens the absorption of nutrients, these two acids should work in senergia with each other to get the best conditions for a faster vegetative and blooming stage of the plants.
  • Sensi Bloom nutrients for a faster growth and an impressive final result
  • Chelated elements that are quickly and easily absorbed by the roots

 No more problems to stabilize the pH of your solution, just buy the best fertilizer on the market.

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Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients
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