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Bud Candy is a product made from molasses and derived from sugar beet which makes the flowers and fruits larger and incredibly sweet. It Serves the plant to store carbohydrates and have more energy to...
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Give flowers and fruit some flavor and sweetness

Bud Candy by Advanced Nutrients is a very concentrated product from molasses derived from sugar beet that is administered to the plants during the flowering stage to give flowers and fruits an intense aroma.

It helps the plant to store carbohydrates and have more energy, to develop an intense aroma and huge flowers. Due to the carbohydrates that make plants more vigorous your crops will become much bigger.

Bud Candy is not intended as a leaf spray, since its formula has been created to act directly in the root zone, it is fastly absorbed by plants and crosses to create large sweet flowers.

Bud Candy Advantages

  • Larger flowers
  • Increase the taste
  • Increase the aroma
  • It increases the production of resins and essential oils
  • strong roots
  • Speeds up the flowering
  • It improves the immune system of plants

Type of Cultivation: Suitable for all types of cultivation: hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, coconut, bio, etc. ..

USE: 2 ml per liter from the 1st week to th 6th of the bloom stage.

Size: 0,250 Liters

Product list Advanced Nutrients
Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients
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