Advanced Nutrients - Overdrive 250 ML

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Overdrive has been designed for the late flowering stage, it ensures a growth of essential oils, resin and size of flowers and fruits.
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A recharge of vitamins and organic materials for the flowering of your plants

Overdrive is designed for the late flowering cycle. This is the final stage when citric acid is added, ascorbic acid, and a range of hormones for food use in order to ensure greater weight and more circumference during the last critical weeks of flowering when plants show more considerable benefits.

Benefits for plants in their final flowering stage 

  • More absorption of nutrients
  • Increase of the photosynthesis
  • Greater Cellular expansion and larger flowers
  • Increased creation of internal floral structures and compounds to increase the flavor, taste and power
  • Greater resistance to drought, heat, stress, diseases, parasites and end of exhaustion stage due to folic acid and other ingredients

Testings in the field shows that Overdrive reinvigorates the flowering and creates a renewed surge of oils, perfumes, size and other very desirable traits that will give you an awesome yield.


Product list Advanced Nutrients
Doses 2ml/L
Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients
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