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Especially designed for organic cultivation on soil and coco fibre.

Plagron offer a complete range of liquids for the organic grower and, with the introduction of the Terra and Cocos Concepts, have extended their range to cater for growers looking for maximum yield on both soil and coco. 

Plagron Alga Grow is an organic and easy to use nutrient for the growth phase. It contains a precise balance of nitrogen, phosphates and potash that the plants can directly absorb, and which naturally increases growth:

  • The nitrogen in Plagron Alga-Grow promotes even, optimum growth.
  • The phosphor promotes improved root development and an initial onset for a strong, rich flowering process.
  • Potash promotes the transportation of the nutrients through the entire plant and enhances general resistance. 
  • Amino acids, trace elements and minerals that not only promote exuberant growth and root development, but also simultaneously provide extra residence and stimulate the natural formation of chlorophyll.

Alga-Grow is specially designed for organic cultivation on soil and coco fibre. 

Alga-Grow can also be used as a tonic for Nitrogen deficiency at 4mlL-1 until yellow leaves turn green.


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Hydroponics Yes
Soil Yes
Growth Yes
Organic Nutrinets Yes
Coco Yes
Manufacturer Plagron

Product list Plagron

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