Plagron Vita Race (Phyt-Amin) 100 ML



Plagron Vita Race (Phyt-Amin) reduces cultivation time. Is a biologic leaf fertilizer with herbal bloom and growth hormones, to be applied during growth
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It improves resistance, shortens cultivation period and promotes proliferation.

Plagron Vita Race (Phyt-Amin) is a biologic leaf fertilizer with herbal bloom and growth hormones, to be applied during growth. Plagron vita race (Phyt-Amin) contains natural hormones for both the growing and the blooming phase, and exerts a stimulating effect throughout the cycle.

The effect of Plagron vita race (Phyt-Amin) is extremely multi-faceted: the cytokinin content increases the chlorophyll content in the leaf. The result of this is an increased sugar content. The plants therefore stay green for longer, have extra resistance, produce more shoots and buds and also more fruit. The use of Plagron vita race (Phyt-Amin) causes a film to form over the plant's leave, which protects the plant from drying out. 

Active substances: Amino acids, trace elements, minerals, growth and blooming hormones.

Indoor use:
Dilute 5 ml with 1 litre of water.
Copiously spray the leaves of your plant with this solution every week.

Outdoor use:
1 ml per square metre.

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