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The Starter kit contains the basics to get started in the grow automation. GroNode is essential to control up to 4 modules of each type.
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The Starter kit contains the basics to get started in the grow automation. GroNode is essential to control up to 4 modules of each type.
PowerBot delivers the necessary tools to control the microclimate, lighting and irrigation.
GroLab modules provides a control capability of communicating with each other simulating the operation of a brain.
This capability offers the grower the ability to replicate its physical abilities in GroLab performing hundreds of tasks simultaneously.
GroNode communicates with all modules through radio frequency signals. It stores all configurations, it receives information from the sensors and sends orders to each module.
PowerBot activates electrical elements. In this case it controls the lighting, extraction of stale and hot air, activates the water pump and finally the humidifier.
Both the extractor as humidifier are activated depending the collected data by its temperature and humidity sensor.

Create security protocols:
- Turn off electrical elements that endanger safety at precise times.
- Check that the temperatures do not exceed the logical margins and act accordingly.
- It emits a loud beep if a security alarm is detected.
- Manage all security protocols.
- Send notices to computers connected to the local network with GroLab Software enabled.
- Send messages to multiple online platforms requires an Internet connection.

You can add up to 4 modules of each type for each GroNode (the brain)

  • 4 PowerBots equals 16 independent electrical connectors and four temperature and humidity sensors which can control up to 4 independent growing areas.
  • 4 SoilBots provides 16 moisture sensors for substrate with which control multiple groups of plants. 8 substrate temperature sensors and 8 flood detectors. Each SoilBot Box comes with 2 humidity sensors, 1 temperature sensor and 1 flood detector.  You can add the extra sensors you need.
  • 4 TankBots give you the possibility to control up to 16 sensors of your choice (sensors that act as a switch) and 16 actuators of 12 or 24 volts with a maximum of 5 watts per output (delivered with a transformer 12v).

Grolab Starter Kit Includes:
1 - GroNode
1 - Ethernet Cable
1 - PowerBot
1 - Temperature and humidity sensor tretet
GroLab software, manuals and video tutorials in english and spanish.

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