SoilBot is the perfect tool for your plants auto-feed water. Through its sensors, soil moisture will remain constant and balanced. Its sensors detect water leaks flooding activating security protocols...
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Irrigates automatically without schedules

The combination of all GroLab modules provides a control capability never seen before. The modules communicate with each other simulating the operation of a brain.
This capability offers the grower the ability to replicate its physical abilities in GroLab performing hundreds of tasks simultaneously.
The SoilBot moisture sensors monitor moisture in the substratum of your plants. This allows plants to feed themselves when they need while minimizing the consumption of water and fertilizer.
Controls Irrigation of multiple crops drawing moisture sensors for the substrate. Thus, the smaller plants with lower absorption rate will not receive the same amount of water and nutrients than larger.

Create security protocols with SoilBot:
- Disable the lighting in case your plants are not getting the water they need to avoid drought.
- Check the floor acting against flooding (disconnection of irrigation and electrical appliances that threaten the safety).

Soil Bot Specifications:
Module communications: Radio Frequency
Firmware Updates: USB
Power Compatibility: 5Vdc USB - 500mA
Moisture detection range:5% - 100%
Temperature detection range: 0°C ~ 150°C

Grolab Soil Bot Includes:
4 x Moisture sensor outlets
2 x Moisture sensors
2 x Temperature sensor outlets
1 x Temperature sensor
2 x Flood sensor outlets
1 x Flood sensors

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