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The Grolab Hydro combo system connects level sensors, peristaltic pumps, solenoid valves and all kinds of 12V actuators to automate any irrigation system.
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Hydroponics, control and security all in one

Its capacity to control electro valves, peristaltic pumps and analyse the water tank through level, pH, EC and temperature sensors will enable refilling the tank, recycling the water and even enriching the mixture with fertilizers.
PowerBot will maintain stable microclimate for your plants grow strong and stress free.
Create your own security system with TankBot and protect yourself against possible fires or intrusions.
The combination of all GroLab modules provides a control capability never seen before. The modules communicate with each other simulating the operation of a brain.
This capability offers the grower the ability to replicate its physical abilities in GroLab performing hundreds of tasks simultaneously.

Create security protocols:
- Turn off electrical elements that hinder safety at specific times.
- Ensure that the temperatures do not exceed the logical limits and act accordingly.
- Cut water flow to prevent flooding.

- Control smoke and fires using detectors that activate themselves and close a circuit (relay).
- Activate sprinklers connected to electrovalves linked to the main water outlet.
- Send orders to disable the extraction systems to prevent oxygenating possible fires.
- Send orders to turn off the lighting systems to prevent fires if smoke has been detected.
- Locate potential intrusions through motion sensors and / or lasers that are activated by closing a circuit (relay).

- Emit a loud beep if a safety alarm is detected.
- Send notices to the computers connected to the local network enabled with GroLab Software.
- Send notices to the PC connected to the local network with GroLab Software activated in the background.
- Send messages to multiple online platforms (Email, Twitter, Facebook), This requires an Internet connection.

Grolab Hydro Kit Includes:
1 - GroNode
1 - Ethernet Cable
1 - PowerBot
1 - Temperature and humidity sensor

1 - TankBot
1 - PH sensor
1 - Water temperature sensor
4 - 4-pin connectors for sensors and actuators
1 - 12V transformer
GroLab software, manuals and video tutorials in english and spanish.

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