Gold Label Nutrients

Best Professional Ingredients

Gold Label Nutrients is a brand of mineral fertilizers which follows a very simple philosophy: producing nutrients with the best ingredients on the market with a formulation for every kind of indoor/outdoor growing, focusing especially on the auto-flowering plants.

The Gold Label nutrients have been designed for being cultivated with special mix substrates but give a great result even with other professional substrates. Each of the three ranges ( Hydroponic, soil and coco) basically contains a bi-component fertilizer A+B with balanced microelements. Each substrate has its own specific mix: for instance the basic nutrients for hydroponics contain a supplement of chelated micronutrients, efficient for a wide range of PH and immediately assimilated by the plants.

The nutrients line for hydroponics

This hydroponic line of fertilizers is perfect for being used with autoflowering plants indoors and covers all the plant needs from the growth phase to the flowering one. The chelated trace elements ensure excellent availability in a wide range of PH.

The line of soil fertilizers

Gold Label Soil A-B is the basic line of fertilizers for soil growing. These two mineral fertilizers cover both phases of vegetative growth and flowering of the plant. For an excellent result it should be used in combination with Gold Label Roots, Ultra MG and Ultra PK.

The line of nutrients for growing in coco

This line of nutrients is specific for growing normal plants in coco fiber or autoflowering ones. In this case too it concerns of a bi-component A + B to be dispensed in equal parts up to 3 ml / liter. The "Little Growers" Initiative for approaching kids to Gardening


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