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Sonlight HPS 250W Gives You The Best Quality Of High Pressure Sodium Grow Lamps. This Grow Bulb With SLP Technology (Son Light Power) is Designed For Grow Rooms. The Best Choice For Blooming Stages.
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An Indoor 250W Lamp perfect for the Flowering Phase

Sonlight HPS 250w is a High Pressure Sodium grow light, one of the most efficient hydroponic lamps for grow box during the growth and blooming stages.

Sonlight HPS Bloom Lamp

  • High Efficiency: 400W [over 150 lm / W = 60000 lumens]; 600W [over 167 lm/W = 100000 lumens]
  • High emission of radiation PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation between 400 and 700nm).
  • Light is richer and more nutritious compared to the conventional HPS lamps
  • SLP technology increases reliability and reduces the rate of early failures with reliable ignition for the lifetime of the lamps.
  • Improves the performance and profitability of production in greenhouses.
  • Given the high emission in the red and blue spectrum, this lamps encourage branching, promote the development and quality of plants and flowers.
  • The zirconium-aluminum getter maximizes lumen maintenance and dramatically reduces the rate of premature failure.
  • The innovative construction technique, which provides greater strength and less welding points, makes the lamps less sensitive to impacts and vibrations, further reducing early failures and extending their lifespan

Some important features

  • They have a discharge tube made of polycrystalline aluminum enclosed in an outer glass bulb.
  • The discharge tube contains a blend of sodium and mercury with xenon gas ignition.
  • The outer tubular bulb is made of transparent glass.

Instructions for a proper use

Mounting this lamp for plants is very simple. Just srew the lamp, holding it with a clean cloth, into the E40 bulb-holder fitting of your reflector until it will turn no further. Make sure that the lamp is screwed very firmly into the holder. Now you have to connect your reflector cable to your 250W HPS ballast (it is very important to choose a magnetic or electronic ballast with the same wattage of the grow light, in this case 250w).

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Product list Sonlight
Growing area 0,5 / 0,9 m²
Lumen 35000 lm
Minimum distance between lamp and plant 35 Cm
Length 30 Cm
Watt 250 W
Bloom Yes
Degree °K 2000
Volt 230 Volt
Manufacturer Sonlight
Lamp HPS
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  • Rating Metalife 04/02/2014

    "This is the best grow light for the flowering stages, max efficiency & great yeld"

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