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Superplant AGRO has been created to satisfy the absortion spectrum of the plants. It has been developed for horticulture uses, with a suitable spectrum for all the hydroponic cultivations (flowering a...
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Its efficiency is superior to all the best brands on the market

Superplant AGRO 400W has been created to satisfy the absortion of the spectrum of the plants. It has been developed for horticulture, with a spectrum of light suitable for all the hydroponic cultivations (flowering and veg stage).

Hps Lamp for Indoor Growings with Blue Spectrum

The SuperPlant AGRO lamps are particularly suitable for the exposure of each type of fruit and vegetables. An HPS bulb with 30% of blue spectrum more, in order to suit well in all phases of growth and flowering of plants. The bulb ensures an optimal production by means of its long duration. You will get a constant light output by using it during the first 10,000 hours of operation, after which you would probably need to replace this bulb. It can be used with magnetic ballasts and electronic ones too, its luminous efficiency is higher than that of all the biggest brands on the market.

Technical Data:

  • For intensive horticulture in any season.
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Average life: 16,000 hours
  • 400w
  • 59.500 lumens

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Product list SUPER PLANT
Lumen 59.500 lm
Life 16.000 ore Hour
Watt 400 W
Bloom Yes
Manufacturer SUPER PLANT
Lamp Agro
Growth Yes
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