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SuperPlant HPS 400W is a High Pressure Sodium bulb with an orange/red spectrum that encourages fruit and flower growth and flowering. These bulbs have been designed specifically for applications in ...
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High Pressure Sodium bulb with orange/red spectrum for the flowering stage

SuperPlant HPS 400W is a High Pressure Sodium bulb with an orange/red spectrum that encourages fruit, flower growth and flowering.

What is a SuperPlant HPS 400W

The SuperPlant HPS provides a nutritious light and will promote maximum yields. It's reliable chich makes it the choice of many professional growers and institutions.

The lumen output of all HPS lamps will reduce over time, and they should be replaced every 12 to 14 months.

High Pressure Sodium Lights

High Pressure Sodium lights produce an orange/red spectrum and is best for flowering plants. The orange-red light stimulates plant hormones and encourages it to flower. The best way to light your grow room is with a combination of blue and red/orange light, to keep plants compact and flowering happily. This is best done by using a Halide then changing to a Son T style HPS or by using a multi-spectrum lamp.

Technical data:

  • 57200 lumens;
  • 400w;
  • to use with a 400w ballast;
  • suitable for the growth and flowering


  • Faster flowering
  • A more luxuariant flowering
  • A more developed leaf device
  • Stronger Plants

NB: Please note that for this light bulb you have to use a 400W ballast and a lampholder with E40 socket.





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Product list SUPER PLANT
Lumen 57200 lm
Watt 400 W
Bloom Yes
Manufacturer SUPER PLANT
Lamp HPS
Growth Yes
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