Lampada Professionale Gavita PRO 1000 DE



Gavita lamp Pro 1000 is the first complete system of professional lighting (lamp + charger + reflector), with 240V electronic charger that powers professional 400V, 138.000 lumens lamps.
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Complete Professional Lighting System

The Gavita Pro 1000 lamp is the first complete professional lighting system with 240Volt electronic charger which powers professional lamps from 400Volt to 1000W.

Gavita PRO 1000W is ideal for professional growing

These types of lamps have the highest PAR light emission, with improved spectrum and with the best efficiency in the course of time, compared to traditional growing lamps (> 95% PAR light after after a year of use).

Being the most efficient available horticultural lamps and the only lights specifically developed for electronic chargers they are proved to be the most selected ones from the Dutch growers.

Features and Benefits of Gavita PRO 1000

  • No acoustic resonance
  • Up to 8% more light
  • Light maintenance after 5000 hours> 95%
  • System design and Gavita idea
  • Sealed enclosure (Class I) with Gore-Tex ventilation plug
  • Microprocessor controlled, LED status indicator
  • Professional wiring rubber with UV rays-resistant
  • Very low heat dissipation and optimal cooling
  • The driver efficiency at full power 95-96%
  • UL Listed

Technical File Gavita PRO 1000

Input Voltage: 230V + / -10%
Input Current: 4.42A at 240V
Input Power: 1060 Watt
Power factor:> 0.98
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 567mm (length) x 240mm (width) x 341mm (height)
Case temperature (° C): 20 - 50 ° C
Reflector: HortiStar HR 96 1000 DE - Aluminium VEGA
Type of mounting lamp: Vossloh Schwabe k12 x 30s
Light Source: 1000W 400V electronic double ended
Luminous flux: 138,000 Lumens (approximate)
PPF:> 2000 mol / sec

Product list Gavita
Lumen 138.000 lm
Length 57 Cm
Watt 1000 W
Bloom Yes
Lamp Type Double Ended
Manufacturer Gavita
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