Integrated 3 Mode DE HPS 1000W Dimmable Reflector

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Lighting kit for demanding growers

Integrated 3 Mode 1000w + HPS Lamp 1000w DE ensures the most powerful and sophisticated indoor grow light available. In grow rooms where this unit is used as supplementary lighting, it can cover up to an area of ​​3M x 3M, while when used as a primary light source, the Double Ended luminaire can cover up to an area of ​​2M x 2M.

With the High Sodium Pressure technology, double ended HPS lamps degrade more slowly than traditional single ended HPS bulbs, in fact, after 10,000 hours the DE lamps will still emit about 90% of their original intensity, moreover the HPS DE bulbs they are also more stable and this allows them to have a 10% increase in light intensity and PAR output compared to traditional single ended HPS bulbs. Finally, these lamps emit more UV and IR light than traditional ones, increasing the power and essential oils of plants.

Advantages and features of the reflector

  • Adjustable in 3 modes, the beam angle and light scattering area can be easily adjusted for different uses
  • Vega in hammered aluminum; 95% reflective
  • Complete luminaire for 1000W double-ended lamps, including the high efficiency horticular reflector
  • No acoustic resonance, more than 8% grows in light compared to traditional lamps
  • Light maintenance after 5000 hours> 95%
  • Dimmable digital power supply
  • Output adjustable to 600W / 750W / 1000W / 1150W
  • The power supply works at 230V It allows growers to create ideal lighting conditions at all stages of plant growth for greater vitality and yield
  • With this unique design, it can increase the power and efficiency than most other reflectors


Lamp HPS
Per growbox 200x200 cm
Growing area 4 m²
Agro Yes
Watt 1000 W
Volt 240 Volt

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