Kit Enforcer Electronic 400W with Sonlight MH 400W

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Improves Bulbs efficiency by 30%

The Kit Enforcer Electronic 400W with Sonlight MH 400W is equipped with Sonlight Electronic ballast 400W ( improves power by 30% compared to the magnetic Ballasts), for both MH and HPS light bulbs, a Sonlight MH Light Bulb 400W and the new reflector Adjust a Wings Enforcer that guarantees high reflection for an higher light coverage. 

The "Kit Enforcer Electronic 400W with Sonlight MH 400W" includes:

SONLIGHT Digital Ballast 4D (Dimmer 250 / 400 / 600W / SL)

Sonlight Digital Ballast 4D dimmerable is the last generation of ballasts available on the market, based with Super lumens and 3- Settings 250-400-600W. It enables you to run your lights at 250 or 400w during vegetative growth where your plants have no need for high light levels (saving you electricity) and then up the output to 600W Superlumens during flowering stage.

Grow Lamp 400W MH Sonlight - Growth

Sonlight 400w Metal Halide Grow Lamp made up of a quartz discharge tube enclosed within a clear tempered glass bulb. The best solution for the vegetative stage.


The New Adjust A Wing Enforcer is now available in silver, produced from a new generation of glass coated flexible aluminium material that is 95% reflective. The Adjust A Wing is a new range of Adjustable horizontal reflectors which will revolutionise current horticultural lighting systems.


Manufacturer Sonlight
Growing area 1,4 m²
Watt 400 W
Warranty 2 Years
Volt 220/230 Volt
Lumen 60000 lm
Minimum distance between lamp and plant 45 Cm
Bloom No
Growth Yes

Product list Sonlight

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