Sonlight DE Hyperlux 1000 Watt lighting system dimmable



Buy now the Hyperlux DE 1000 Watt Sonlight, the newly integrated all-in-one indoor lighting system: more power, efficiency and brightness. Perfect for the flowering phase!
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Integrated horticulture system for vegetative growth and flowering Sonlight DE Hyperlux 1000 Watt

Buy now the new integrated indoor lighting system Hyperlux DE 1000 Watt Sonlight: perfect for your plants!

It is an integrated lighting system for the indoor cultivation of all your plants. It is a very high quality, high wattage product, designed for the flowering phase. Thanks to the helps expert, this integrated system creates a stable arc without acoustic resonance, for a satisfactory yield and also a longer lamp life. The Double Ended (DE) technology of the Hyperlux DE 1000 Watt Sonlight is a the most efficient and it guarantee the best results for the efficiency of the arc tube: more light for the same power (10-25% more than traditional single-ended lamps).

The integrated system also includes the bulb (400V and 2100 ° K) and features an external switch, which allows the lamp output to be adjusted to 600W, 750W, 1000W and Super Lumen, expanding its applications in spaces with different heights.

Power 1000W 1000W
Par Levels
1550 umol/s 2050 umol/s
Lumens 130.000 150.000
Temperature Warmth
2000K 2100K

Hyperlux DE 1000 Watt Sonlight: specific overviews

  • Integrated all-in-one system
  • Wide illuminated cover
  • PAR levels extremely high
  • Suitable for flowering grow rooms
  • 10-25% more luminous efficiency than normal HPS
  • Longer lamp life

Technical specifications:

  • Power 1000W
  • Color temperature 2100 ° K
  • Value PAR 2050umol/s
  • Medium luminous flux 150000lm

Product list Sonlight
Warranty 2 Years
Growing area 2,8 m²
Minimum distance between lamp and plant 40-100 Cm
Weight 3800 Kg
Watt 1000 W
Bloom Yes
Root No
Length 25 Cm
Width 168mm Cm
Height 0,87 Cm
Manufacturer Sonlight
Net Weight/Size 3,8Kg
Growth No
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