Sonlight LEC Hyperlux 500W lighting system



Buy now the innovative Sonlight brand CMH 500, an integrated lighting system that gives you the full spectrum of sunlight for the growth and flowering phase!
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Integrated horticulture system for vegetative growth and flowering Sonlight LEC Hyperlux 500W

Find out the innovative integrated indoor lighting system for your plants: CMH 500 Sonlight, a revolutionary product to satisfy your needs. Studied together with the expert of cultivation, this product is actually an integrated system of the highest quality, perfect for the period of growth, development and flowering of your plants. The technology used offers a very high level of PAR / PPF, a light spectrum close to that of sunlight, but without large heat emissions. The brand new CMH 500 Sonlight allows you to grow plants much stronger, healthier and in a shorter period of time. Thanks to its high performance, the CMH 500 is a truly essential product for those who want the best.

LEC / CMH Hyperlux 500W illuminates with a CRI (colour rendering index) of> 90%, perfect for growing high-quality products and the system is equipped with a PRO-CDM bulb (full spectrum 3100°K).

Comparing the integrated Sonlight Lec Hyperlux system with a classic 600W MH lamp we immediately notice the differences in performance: the high performance of the Sonlight LEC Hyperlux integrated system allows the PRO-CDM 500W lamp to develop 950 umol / s (380-780nm) with a flow luminous average of 60,000 lumens.

 MH ClassicCDM/CMH
Power 600W 500W
PAR levels
729 umol/s 950 umol/s
Lumens 50.000 60.000
Temperature Heat
4200K / 6000K 3000K / 3100K

CMH 500 Sonlight specific overviews

  • Integrated all-in-one system
  • Wide illuminated cover
  • PAR levels extremely high
  • The full spectrum of growth and flowering
  • Longer lamp life
  • Less electronic consumption compared to classic HID lamps

Technical specifications

  • Power 500W
  • Color temperature 3100° K
  • Light efficiency min-max 112-120lm/watt
  • Light flow min-max 56000lm/6000lm
  • PAR Value (380-780nm) 950umol / s

Product list Sonlight
Length 24 Cm
Width 13,2 Cm
Height 7,3 Cm
Weight 2,8 Kg
Manufacturer Sonlight
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