CMH Sonlight Pro-CDM Lamp- 315W/930-3100°K



Sonlight CMH/LEC 315W Full Spectrum is suitable for the entire life cycle of the plant
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Choose Sonlight CMH/LEC 315W Lamp for better results

Sonlight CMH/LEC 315W Full Spectrum is suitable for the entire life cycle of the plant: a double glassed bulb designed for indoor growing.

These light bulbs offer a light spectrum very similar to the natural sun light respect to the HID Bulbs (HPS,MH). These ultimate generation light bulbs provide a higher level of artificial light available and work with high intensity light.

Sonlight PRO-CDM, combines with professional ballasts offers optimal light performances reaching high PAR levels, very close to the more expensive Plasma lights. Beside the perfect growing, enhance vigore and plant structure.


Why CMH Sonlight

Advantages of CMH light bulbs and differences with the classical HPS:

  • CMH bulbs can be replaced every 2 yers respect to the 1 year of the standard bulbs
  • Lower heat emission compare to the HPS;
  • Better Rate PAR:Watt
  • Complete colour spectum similar to the Plasma lights and solar light.
  • Higher emission of ultraviolet rays compare to the common HPS


Technical features

  • Plug: PGZ18
  • Power: 315W
  • Colour Temperature: 3100K (930)
  • Light efficiency: 35280 lumen min - 38000 lumen max
  • Turn on time: 3 s (run-up time: 1,5min)

Product list Sonlight
Watt 315 W
Lumen 35280 lm
Minimum distance between lamp and plant 55 Cm
Life (50%) 30000 Hour
Degree °K 3100
Manufacturer Sonlight
Lamp CMH
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