Hesi - Indoor and Outdoor Pack

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Fertilizers for soil cultivation

The Hesi Indoor and Outdoor Pack is a basic kit especially designed for amateur gardening or small gardens. The Hesi Pack kit is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation and in outdoor growing season it can also be used in small gardens. The Hesi Pack kit has been designed to meet the needs of growers and is slightly different from the already-appreciated kit  Hesi Starterbox Soil.

What's included in Hesi Indoor and Outdoor Pack

Furthermore being extremely cheap the Indoor and Outdoor Pack includes:

  • 250ml TNT Complex: a mineral fertilizer for the growth phase of the plant, enriched with microelements that ensure a healthy and rapid plant development.
  • 250ml Bloom Complex: an organic-mineral stimulator for flowering that contains classic nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, as well as Potassium and Calcium, vitamins and amino acids, providing plant with everything you need for a healthy and exuberant flowering.
  • 250ml Phosphorus Plus: a flowering stimulator on soil, based on mineral raw materials, coming from pure deposits.
  • 100ml Hesi Boost: an accelerator for the flowering period, guarantees a more intense explosion and a greater harvest.


Soil Yes
Growth Si
Flower Yes
Flower Stimulator Yes
Pack Yes
Manufacturer Hesi

Product list Hesi

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