Habanero Mexican Orange - 10 X Pepper Seeds

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Explosively Spicy

The Habanero Mexican Orange is a very spicy Capsicum Chinense variety from Mexico.
Never underestimate violent spiciness of the adorable, apricot-coloured fruits, the spice level is 10.
It is around 50 times hotter than a Jalapeno chilli. Suggest to handle the fruits with gloves, avoid to have the burning fingers!!
The plants can grow up to 80cm tall approx., just like bush. The fruits ripen from light green to orange.
The skin of fruits is thin, wrinkled and shiny surface, the pods are round shape, approximately 5cm long and 3cm wide.

Origin: Mexico
Spiciness Level: Up to 500,000 SHU
Plant Height: 80 cm approx.
Maturation Period: 100 days
Number of seeds per pack: 10

Cautions: Handle with gloves and keep away from children


Scoville 450.000 - 600.000
Origin Messico
Hotness Extremely Hot
Variety Capsicum Chinense

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