Sylvania SHP-TS 150W - Vegetative Growth and Flowering



SYLVANIA SHP-TS 150W is a High Pressure Sodium bulb. It promotes optimum vegetative growth and flowering. It also Provides a richer and more nutritious light. The spectrum they emit is a red-orange on...
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The perfect Lamp for the Vegetative Growth and Flowering Phase

Sylvania SHP-TS 150W is a high pressure sodium bulb from SYLVANIA, a Super version, rich shades of red-orange.

Perfect for the flowering phase of the plant, it can be used with a fair result even during the vegetative growth.

Product Description

  • Standby arc tube restarts immediately after mains failure
  • High lumen output with excellent and improved lumen maintenance throughout life
  • Offering enormous savings in maintenance costs
  • Double lamp life and reduced occurence of early failures


  • Where access and maintenance is difficult or expensive
  • Security floodlighting at airports, military installations, sports arenas, tunnels, harbours and industrial sites
  • Street lighting
We recommend that lamps are replaced every 12 to 14 months, after 14 months there is an appreciable drop in the lumen output leading to a reduction of the yield.

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Growing area 0,7 m²
Lumen 18000 lm
Minimum distance between lamp and plant 20/25 Cm
Length 21 Cm
Watt 150 W
Manufacturer Sylvania
Lamp HPS
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