Gold Label - Starter Kit COCO (7x60ml)

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Trypack to start growing in Coco!

The Gold Label COCO Starter Kit (7x60ml) is a coconut substrate kit ideal for managing plants throughout their life cycle. This small Coco Kit is perfect for those who want to try Gold Label products for the first time.

What does the Gold Label Kit Coco complete?

This complete set of Gold Label fertilizers includes:

  • Roots: Highly concentrated root stimulator made up of organic seaweed extracts, humic acids and amino acids of the highest quality. Gold Label Roots has a formula designed to increase the size of the root mass and to speed up the initial growth of small seedlings, decanting and the rooting of cuttings. Improve plant health by stimulating root growth.
  • Coco A + B: Two-component mineral fertilizer, optimized for coconut fiber crops. The chelated microelements guarantee an optimal availability of nutrients for the roots of the plants, these elements are absorbed in a wide range of pH.
  • Ultra MG: Supplement of nitrogen and magnesium for all stages of plant development. Ultra MG has been specifically developed to perfectly balance your NPK and trace elements at all stages of vegetative and generative development. It contains high quality magnesium chelate which is easily assimilated by plants. Use continuously in inert substrates such as peat or coco.
  • Ultra PK: Additive for flowering based on advanced polyphosphates and chelated microelements. Ultra PK has been specifically developed to perfectly balance your NPK and trace elements at all stages of generative development. The Ultra PK Gold Label formula prevents phosphorus from settling at pH levels greater than 6.2, promotes the availability of Ca, Mg and trace elements while keeping the drippers of the irrigation / hydroponic system clean of residues.
  • Ultra PH-: Universal acid for regulating the pH level of nutrient solutions. Contains a well balanced blend of phosphoric acid, nitric acid and sulfuric acid. Add directly to the nutrient solution to lower the pH.
  • Enzyme: Highly concentrated professional enzymatic additive, based on natural enzymes. Enzymes are the catalysts of natural processes. Gold Label Enzyme contains enzymes that break down excess and dead material, such as roots, turning it into nutrients for your plants, while also making room for new roots to develop.

Format: 7X60ml

Specifiche tecniche

Specific for Coco Yes
Pack Yes
Coco Yes
Growth Si
Flower Yes
Root Booster Yes
Flower Stimulator Yes
Organic Nutrinets Yes
Manufacturer Gold Label

Product list Gold Label

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