BLAUBERG BI-Turbo 10cm + cable - 187m³/h



Build-in external switch for multi-speed. Equipped with input wire + G32 European plug.
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Silenced Blauberg Fan with Cable Included

Build-in external switch for multi-speed. Equipped with input wire + G32 European plug.

The Blauberg fan cases are made of high quality and high strength materials: ABC plastic (Ø100 200) and low combustible polypropylene (Ø250 315).
Motor with impeller and terminal block are attached to the case with special clamps with latches, designed to be demounted without any special skills or instruments.
Due to such design the maintenance of the fan is extremely simple.

The Blauberg fan has a single phase motor on ball bearings has two speeds.
The temperature switches are provided for overload protection. Class of motor protection IP X4.

The fan can be mounted in any place of duct system and at any angle, vertically or horizontally.
Several fans can be mounted in parallel to increase the air capacity or in series to increase the operating pressure.
The casing is fitted with a mounting plate for wall mounting. Installation with special support bracket is also possible.
The mounting box can be installed in any position for easy installation and connection.

Specially designed for ventilation ducts high pressure, strong airflow and low noise level.
Quiet and safe operating.
Speed switch included.
Access to motor and impeller without ducts dismounting.

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