Electronic Lighting Kit Nanolux + Sylvania Grolux 600W



Lighting kit for indoor grow box or grow room AGRO 600W. The kit includes a NanoLux dimmable ballast, Grolux Sylvania 600W lamp (suitable for growth and flowering) and a hammered reflector Long-Gloss ...
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Electronic Lighting Kit for indoor growing: growth and bloom

 The indoor electronic lighting kit AGRO NanoLux + Sylvania Grolux 600W is a complete set which includes everything you need to grow indoor in a grow box or grow room, suitable for the whole life cycle of plants.

The Grolux 600w light kit includes a 600W dimmable electronic ballast NanoLux, compatible with all types of lamps from flowering and growth HPS, MH, AGRO 600w, absolutely compact and efficient, with active fan cooling system; Sylvania Grolux lamp for growth and bloom from 90000 lumens with hammered reflector to increase the reflection of light. It's a kit easy to assemble for demanding growers.

Advantages of the NanoLux electronic ballast

Complete of all the necessary to lighten up your growing room:

HPS/MH Nanolux 600W ballast (Slim Series):

  • Small and lightweight system with 2 fans for cooling
  • Co-assembled high-quality materials
  • Pre-wired and ready to use, with power cable (Schuko)
  • With power regulator DIMMER (50%-75% -100%)

Sylvania Grolux Lamp 600W for growth and flowering:

  • High efficiency: over 90000 lumens
  • Suitable for vegetative and flowering stage
  • It covers an area of growing up to 2.1 m²
  • High emission of radiation PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation)
  • Enriched spectrum of blue light (+30W) = 630W Total

 Find out how to wire up the Long Gloss reflector.

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Growing area 2,1 m²
Minimum distance between lamp and plant 55 Cm
Watt 600 W
Lamp Type HPS - Agro
Ballast Type
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