Electronic Kit 400W HPS + Philips Son-T AGRO 400W



Electronic Kit 400W HPS Philips AGRO is a Complete Lighting System CE Certified and Ready to Use. Philips AGRO 400W is a Bulb for the Bloom and Grow Period.
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Pre-cable and ready to use for Grow and Bloom period

Sonlight electronic kits produces up to 30% more lumens than a standard core and coil (magnetic) ballast whilst drawing less electricity.The Sonlight ballast is completely silent (no more buzzing) and produces less heat than a standard ballast Because of Sonlight's soft start technology the lamps last up to three times as long.

The electronic kit includes Sonlight Ballast, lamp Philips Son-T AGRO and reflector Megalux "V".

Product list Sonlight
Warranty 5 Years
Watt 400 W
Bloom Yes
Manufacturer Sonlight
Growth Yes
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