Indoor Lighting Kit Easy with Sylvania Grolux HPS 600W



This Complete Indoor Light Kit "Easy" with Sylvania Grolux 600w HPS lamp, includes the essential for your grow box lighting. It guarantees all the lumens (90.00)which serve for the Growth and Flowerin...
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This Lighting Kit with Sylvania Grolux Kit 600W is ideal for the Growth and Flowering of the Plants

The kit for indoor lighting HPS Easy is a complete kit for the growth and flowering with Grolux Sylvania 600w lamp that delivers 90,000 lumens (Enriched with 30% of blue spectrum for the plant growth), the pack has inside it all the essential to cultivate in the grow room.

The Green Easy Power 600w charger provided in the pack is compatible with HPS lamps (sodium), AGRO lamps and MH lamps. 

The charger of this indoor lighting kit guarantees thermal safety protection that stops the flow of current overloads, short circuits and overheating.

The "Indoor Lighting Kit Easy with Sylvania Grolux HPS 600W" includes:

Ballast Control Gear EASY 600W HPS/MH

Quality Lighting Ballast - 3 Year Limited Warranty!High quality HID lighting Ballast 600W for HPS and MH lamps.

Grow Lamp Grolux 600 Sylvania - Vegetative + Flowering

600w Sylvania Grolux Sodium Grow Lamp are the cheapest bulbs we sell but still provide excellent results for indoor growers. Grolux lamps are designed to provide a much broader spectrum of light which makes them perform exceptionally well in both the vegetative and flowering stages.

LONG-GLOSS 50 V Reflector

Quality budget horizontal reflector will take all lamps up to 1000w inclusive. Due to its compact design and the profile can be placed close to plants when necessary. Compatible with most other ballasts presently available.

Schuko Plug + 2 Meters Cable

Schuko Plugwith 2 Meters Cable.

Reflector Cord 2 meters 1.5mmx3

Warranty 2 Years
Volt 220/230 Volt
Growing area 2,1 m²
Lumen 90000 lm
Minimum distance between lamp and plant 55 Cm
Weight 8,2 Kg
Life 30000 Hour
Watt 600 W
Bloom Yes
Growth Yes
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