Easy Kit 250W HPS + Sylvania GROLUX 250W

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A complete lighting system.

Easy Kit is a complete lighting system CE certified and ready to use.

The kit includes:

1. SYLVANIA 250W HPS bulb Grolux. Bulb to the high-pressure sodium series Grolux enriched spectrum of blue light. (+30 W). To use throughout the life cycle of the plant, provides excellent vegetative growth and a rich flowering.

2. EASY BOX Ignition System - Electronic Semi CE. Includes power supply, the ignitor and capacitor (to compensate voltage drop, reducing fuel consumption and extend lamp life). Easily connects to the mains via screw terminals included. It contains thermal protection that blocks the flow of current in case of overload, short circuit, rectifying effect, etc. .. after shutdown and cooling the re-establishment is automatic. The thermal protection allow to cultivate safely and extends the lamp life and system.

3. The reflector MEGALUX "V" is compact and incredibly powerful, efficient and versatile. It Ccn be placed very close to the plants, increasing efficiency without limiting the area of action. The basic principle is logical and simple. Its secret is in a V at the center of the reflector to change the direction of light rays.
This technique allows a better access and dissemination of the reflected rays, prevents the concentration of heat around the lamp and does not create a zone (hot) burns concentrated on the central plants.
Equipped with brackets for hanging.
Excellent quality / price. Suitable for lamps up to 1000W.

4. Easy Cable. Special wiring with plug to securely connect the components of the kit.

What is included in this configuration?

By purchasing the kit you receive only original and guaranteed products, shipped in their originals with relative warranty.

Ballast Control Gear EASY 250W HPS/MH

Quality Lighting Ballast - 3 Year Limited Warranty!High quality HID lighting Ballast 250W for HPS and MHlamps.

Grow Lamp Sylvania Grolux 250W - Vegetative and Flowering

Sylvania Grolux 250W is a bulb from the high-pressure sodium series enriched of spectrum of blue light. To use throughout the life cycle of the plant, it guarantees optimum vegetative growth and a rich flowering.

LONG-GLOSS 50 V Reflector

Quality budget horizontal reflector will take all lamps up to 1000w inclusive. Due to its compact design and the profile can be placed close to plants when necessary. Compatible with most other ballasts presently available.

Schuko Plug + 2 Meters Cable

Schuko Plugwith 2 Meters Cable.


Manufacturer Sylvania
Watt 250 W
Warranty 2 Years
Bloom Yes
Growth Yes

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