Grow CFL AGRO Lamp 300W - Dual Spectrum 2100°K + 6400°K - Vegetative and Bloom



Fluo Compact Lamp 300W Agro Dual Spectrum 2100°K + 6400°K is a low consumption, high powered compact fluorescent grow lamp (CFL) suitable for both phases of vegetative and bloom stage.
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Innovative Compact Fluo Light Bulbs for Vegetative and Blooming stage

Compact Fluo Lamp 300W Agro dual Spectrum is a low consumption, high powered compact fluorescent grow lamp (CFL) that is suitable for both phases of vegetative and bloom stage.

Compact Fluo Lamp 300W Agro Dual Spectrum 2100°K + 6400°K  - Features

The peculiarity of this lamp is the fluorescent tubes capability to emit 2 separate temperature colours, 2100°K for the blooming stage and 6400°K for growing. 

The Compact Fluorescent lamp generates low heat, uses low energy, and is incredibly effective. Due to its energy saving properties the Compact fluorescent helps reduce the overall operating costs of running an indoor garden.

No separate ballast is required for these lights, they simply screw into a standard E40 fitting (normal grow light lampholder) and are run directly through a mains plug.

CFLs have been used successfully by many growers across the globe as a complete light source for their plants.
There are several benefits to using CFLs over HIDs in small or confined growing areas: Less heat output makes for easier environmental control Less power consumption makes for cheaper energy bills.
Can be placed closer to plants giving extra space in confined environments.
These grow lamps are great for both, the vegative and bloom stage of a plants life and will not only help keep temperatures lower but also minimise plant stretching common for young plants with HPS sodium lamps. The bloom lamps are great for providing additional lighting at a fraction of the cost and heat of a HPS alternative.
The 300W CFL Dual Spectrum Agro Lamp offers you a host of benefits to give you convenience and great results: they provide your plants with lots of usable light for best growth and yield. They give off very little heat, meaning you can place them close to your plants for maximum output. 

Manufacturer Advanced Star
Model 8U
Degree °K 2100 - 6400
Watt 300 W
Length 26,5 Cm
Lumen 13500 lm
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