Sound Insulated Fan Blauberg Iso-Mix - 15cm (550 m3/h) - With Thermostat



Blauberg Iso-Mix -Sound Insulated fan with thermostat and 15cm diameter flange. This silenced air extractor incorporates a thermostat, is ideal for all areas and grow boxes guaranteeing low noise leve...
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Sound Insulated fan with 15cm flange and thermostat for temperature controll

Blauberg Iso-Mix Silenced fan with 15cm diameter flange is a sound insulated exhaust fan wich allows it be installed for your ventilaytion system in various premises with high requirements to the noise level.

It comes complete with mounting brackets on the fans casing for mounting to the floor, to the wall or ceiling.

These extractor fans can placed in parrallel with other fans higher air extraction, or can be used in-line to obtain a higher negtive pressure.

About: Sound Insulated Fan Blauberg Iso-Mix 15cm

This silenced extractor fan can be used for indoor cultivation or for any premises such as, bathrooms, kitchens or libraries, that require high pressure, powerful air flow and low very noise level.

Technical specifics:

  • Voltage ( 230 V )
  • Frequency ( 50/60 )
  • Power (min) ( 45 W )
  • Power (max) ( 52 W )
  • Minimum air capacity (min) ( 410 m³/h )
  • Maximum air capacity (max) ( 550 m³/h )
  • DBA (min) ( 26 )
  • DBA (max) ( 33 )
  • Max. operating temperature ( 60 °C )

All the available diameters for Blauberg Iso-Mix

Following the complete list and offers for these sound insulated extractor fans:

Product list Blauberg
Warranty 2 Years
R.P.M 2640
Extract capacity 550 m3/h
Manufacturer Blauberg
dBA / 3mt 26
Diameter cm
Fan Type Sound insulated
Temperature Controller
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  • Product quality
  • Easy to use
  • Expected results
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