Automatic pH/ Conductivity regulator - HNE 500-2



Ph Control and Conductivity in Industrial Processes, Water Treatment and Primary and Secondary Agricultural with Peristaltic Pumps Supplied with ph and EC Electrodes.
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Water Control: Automatic pH/ EC regulator

The systems of automatic regulation of HNE-500 Series are designed to offer real solutions and cheap monitoring of the most important parameters of the water. Equipped with two different inputs for pH and ORP or EC, they are used in many different areas, from disinfection in swimming pools, drinking water testing, in the processes of industrial production, as well as in agriculture and the food branch.

Precise and economical controls

  • guaranteed measures HANNA
  • they do not require the use of reagents for the analysis

Easily used

  • Short installation time
  • Simple features, even for not-qualified operators
  • Quick and easy calibration through the front trimmers
  • minimum maintenance
  • Miniregulator with a large LCD

Selecting the type of control:

  • OFF: Relay doesn't dose (display only)
  • AUTO: The relay doses according to the setpoint settings
  • ON: Relay doses continuously

Safe and reliable dosage

  • Overdose indication: it alerts you when the relay remains active for too long, indicating an anomaly
  • A LED indicates the working mode (measurement, dosing or alarm)

HNE 500-2 (pH / EC)

  • Designed for the control and adjustment of pH and conductivity in industrial processes, in the primary and secondary water treatment and in agriculture
  • Provided with miniregulators BL981411-1 (pH) and BL983317-1 (EC)
  • peristaltic Pumps
  • PH electrode with BNC connector
  • Matching Pin (through ph channel)
  • Two-ring EC probe



Standard   Rate
 pH range: 0.0 to 14ph                                                                                                                                                   
 Ph resolution                   0,1 pH
 pH precision  (at 20°C)  ±0.1 pH
 Accuracy pH (at 20 ° C)  ± 0.1 pH 
 EC range  0.00 to 10.00 mS / cm 
 Resolution EC:  0.01 mS / cm 
 Accuracy EC (at 20 ° C):  ± 2% f.s.
 Temperature Compensation:  Automatic from 5 to 50 ° C with ß = 2% / ° C 
 PH Calibration:  manual offset through trimmer 
 EC Calibration:  manual, with CAL trimmer
 Dosing relay:   2, max 2A (fuse protected), 250 Vac, 30 Vdc 

Dosage selection:                                       

  pH; acid or alkali: opened contact = acid dosage, activated if the reading is greater than the set point; closed contact= alkaline dosage, activated if the reading is minor than    the set point

 EC: closed contact if the size is minor than the set point

 Set Point:

 pH: adjustable from 0.0 to 14.0 pH  

 EC: adjustable from 0.00 to 10.00 mS / cm 

Maximum dosage:   adjustable from 5 to 30 minutes 
Power supply:                                           220 Vac; 50/60 Hz                                                                                                                                   
Dimensions and weight:  305 x 215 x 185 / 2.5 kg


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