Advanced Nutrients Trypack Indoor/Outdoor

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High quality indoor / outdoor nutrition pack!

The Advanced Nutrients Trypack Indoor / Outdoor is a specific fertilizer kit for PH stabilization, perfect during the vegetative growth phase in all types of substrate.

The products of which this KIT is composed have a technology that eliminates the hassle of having to manually measure the pH at each administration of the nutrient solution. Assuming that the acidity of the water measures between 4.5 and 8.5 (value in which the Ph of all commonly used water can be enclosed more or less) this technology always keeps it stable, keeping the plants in a healthier for their growth.

Advantages of PH Perfect Technology which contains:

  • Wet Betty, which is an organic surfactant that lowers the surface tension of your water, facilitating the diffusion and absorption of nutrients in your plants
  • Humic acid which provides a natural aid for the transport of nutrients and vitamins in your plants, so that they grow faster and to make them develop stronger cellular processes
  • Fulvic acid that speeds up the absorption of nutrients, these two acids must work in energy to obtain the best conditions to speed up the vegetative and flowering phase of plants
  • Same nutrients as GMB for faster growth and an impressive end result Chelated elements that are quickly and easily absorbed by the roots
  • Chelated elements that are quickly and easily absorbed by the roots

USE AND DOSAGE: 4 ml per liter. Shake well to take full advantage. SIZE: 500ML

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy is a 100% organic and naturally sourced product that is fed to plants during the flowering phase. Its formula has been created to act directly in the root zone, where it is quickly absorbed, creating large sweet flowers thanks to a precise dose of amino acids and vitamins for a more intense flavor and large flowers. Plants absorb better the carbohydrates this fertilizer is made of, such as: arabinose, dextrose, glucose, maltose and xylose from raw cane extract, malt extract, blueberry extract and other premium carbohydrate sources. Bud Candy supplies your plants with sugars in precise doses, essential for giving them energy and improving the taste of fruits. Using Bud Candy, your garden produce becomes heavier and more aromatic with notes of sweet flavors.

Benefits Bud Candy:

  • Larger flowers
  • Increase the taste
  • Increase the aroma
  • Increase the production of resins and essential oils
  • Strong roots
  • Speed ​​up flowering
  • Enhance the immune system of plants

    USE: 2 ml per liter during weeks 1 to 6 of the flowering phase. Format: 250 ml



Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients

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