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Organic Liquid fertilizer 100% for the growth vegetative plants. It contains high quality natural ingredients and perfect for soil crops. The ideal choice for growers who need an organic and natural p...
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Just the best choice and natural ingredients for the growth of your plants

Iguana Juice Grow 5 liters by Advanced Nutrients is an organic liquid fertilizer for vegetative stage and plant growth.

It is a rich fertilizer good for biological crops. It is a complete nutrient for the growth and it is perfect for developping strong branches troughout a healthy root system.

Iguana Juice Grow is rich in nitrogen and it is a chelated fertilizer with microelements as garantee stronger and vigorous stems.

In the Advanced Nutrients laboratories this kind of product was made for helping growers who need an organic but soluble fertilizer.

This fertilizer for plants is highly soluble for not stopping the irrigation system and organic residues.


A Fertilizer for Growth Completely Soluble and 100% Organic

Organic Iguana Juice Grow is a a nutrient for plants (ideal for autoflowering plants) is made of  algae and fish flours, natural extracts of yucca and chelated microelements.

100% organic and completely soluble. It is not aggressive for the plants keeping healthy roots.

Iguana Grow for Autoflowering Plants Benefits

The benefits of Iguana Growth are as follows:

  • It contains an exact nitrogen percentage to feed in the best way plants growth. 
  • It is made of pure element for instance flour fish, bat guano, earthworms castings, yucca, krill, medical herbs, volcanic ash, biological ingredients 100% that help flowering giving a better taste.
  • Balanced relation with nitrogen, phosphorum and potassium. All microelements that help your plants in a fast and safety growth.

Use and Dosage: Use Iguana Juice Grow for all vegetative stage of plants. 4 ml at 1 liter of water. Shake before than its use.


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