ADV Nutrients - Complete Kit Pack

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Complete Kit by Advanced Nutrients Fertilizers: roots, growth, bloom

Complete pack of fertilizers by ADV Nutrients for roots, growth and flowering.

Suitable for all types of cultivation: hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, coco, rockwool, etc.

Products for a complete cycle in soil or in hydroponics

The complete pack of fertilizers by Advanced Nutrients includes: pH perfect basic nutrients for growth and flowering, products of Root Mass Expaders Tribe such as Voodoo Juice, Tarantula and Piranha; products from the Big Buds Tribe such as Big Bud, Overdrive and Bud Ignitor; fertilizers for the last stage of flowering and for the rinsing, such as Bud Candy, a resin increaser and essential oils and Flawless Finish (ex Final Phase) for the final flush, improves the quality of the final product by eliminating the accumulation of excess minerals.

What is included in this configuration?

By purchasing the kit you receive only original and guaranteed products, shipped in their originals with relative warranty.

Adv Nutrients - Micro (pH Perfect) 1L

Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro and Bloom can be combined to provide specialized nutrients for plants in structural, foliar and blooming stages. Formulas can be custom mixed for specific applications by combining the 3 components to suit the needs of your plants' particular growth phase. Remember! ALWAYS add Micro to your reservoir first, then Bloom and Grow.

Advanced Nutrients - Flawless Finish (Final Phase) 1LTR

Advanced Final Phase nutrient is scientifically designed to assist in the flushing of accumulated nutrients in flowers and leaves. In various herb crops where taste and texture is important, Final Phase removes the chemical residue giving a better taste. Final Phase when used as directed also gives the grower control over the final appearance of dried flowers and leaves.

Advanced Nutrients - Big Bud 500ml

Big Bud ultra-premium flower power hydroponics formula uses amino acids and other special ingredients to make plants devote all their energy and resources to making massive flowers. No other bloom boosting product comes close to the time-tested, garden-proven Big Bud formula that guarantees better harvest returns.

Advanced Nutrients - Bud Ignitor 500ml

Bud Ignitor: watch Your Plants Bloom Faster and Produce More Budding Sites. Ignite a bounty of extra budding sites that mature earlier and give you more flowers per inch of stem when you get Bud Ignitor and use it right away to make your bloom phase more profitable.

Advanced Nutrients - Piranha 250 ML

Piranha colonizes the root zone with 24 beneficial mushrooms, 8 species of trichoderma and 16 species endo and ecto mycorrhizae. It is a nutritional supplement that increases root mass and protects it against diseases and pathogens.

Advanced Nutrients - SensiZym 500ml

SensiZym 500ml contains 80 enzymes, each of them carries out a specific function. The enzymes can do in few seconds what the plants would do in many days. They contribute in each phase of the plant cycle, the root development, the branching, the flowering as well as the immune defense and to the general strength of the plant.

Advanced Nutrients - Tarantula 250ML

Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Liquid 250ML is a blend of super concentrated symbiotic micro-organisms and benefits for the roots and the substrate.

Advanced Nutrients Bloom - PH Perfect - 1L

The biggest producer in Canada of a wide variety of nutrients, additives, stimulants and tonics. Advanced Nutrients Bloom perfect ph is specially designed for use in all hydroponic and soil substrates. Growers who use this nourishment does not have to worry about pH in their nutrient solutions, because the new formulas are able to automatically adjust the pH. The combination of an optimal pH level with this product will give a lot of satisfaction in return expectations.


Booster of flowering based on molasses, azúcaresy carbohydrates. It produces increased performance of weight in flowers, resin and aroma throughout the flowering phase. Completely organic and Super-concentrated, enhances and the taste and the aroma at the same time that increases carbohydrates of plants reserves giving rise to larger and heavier fruit.

Advanced Nutrients Grow - PH Perfect - 1L

When you use 3-part hydroponics base nutrients, you get reliable, flexible, concentrated nutrients that give your plants the essential elements they need. Mix Advanced Nutrients Grow with Bloom and Micro to provide nitrogen, phophorus and potassium (along with secondary and micronutrients) that create nutrient healthy structure, vital metabolism, and productivity in your plants.


Overdrive is designed for the late flowering cycle. This is the last stage in the most superior flowering enhancement line available. Citric acid, ascorbic acid, and an array of food grade hormones are added in order to pack on extra girth and weight during the critical last weeks of fruit/flowering when plants show the most sizeable gains. Contains appropriately proportioned amounts of Ascorbic Acid, Fulvic Acid, and Folic Acid - all cofactors to the uptake of Potassium and Phosphorous. Step 3


New, improved Voodoo Juice contains six strains of beneficial bacteria that have been test proven to increase root mass. That's why Voodoo Juice benefits are especially obvious at harvest time. This convenient formula is for use in high-value gardens where very large harvests are absolutely necessary.


Flower Yes
Hydroponics Yes
Soil Yes
Pack Yes
Coco Yes
Format Liquid
Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients
Root Si
Bloom Yes
Growth Yes

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