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Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Liquid 250ML is a blend of super concentrated symbiotic micro-organisms and benefits for the roots and the substrate.
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Mixture with the highest concentration of microorganisms

Tarantula Liquid of Advanced Nutrients is a blend of super concentrated  symbiotic micro-organisms and benefits for the roots and the substrate.

The Tarantola is composed of 57 different species of micro-organisms, it is the most concentrated on the market, and from particularly aggressive colonies of Bacillus, Psuedomonas, Streptomycetes, Actinomycetes.

It naturally increases the nutrient absorption

These bacteria, whose content in Tarantula Liquid is 1.4 billion units (CFU) per gram, have different benefits for the roots as they function as extensions and allow the roots to assimilate nutrients relatively distant from the surface of hair roots.

This rich mixture of micro-organisms forms a symbiotic relationship with the root device in the rhizosfera, producing healthy and vigorous plants and roots and make them able to withstand to many kinds of natural stress.

The Tarantula Advantages in the indoor and outdoor growing

Due to the special micro-organic composition it has many positive effects for the plants.

  • 100% Natural
  • it colonizes the substrate with useful micro-organisms
  • it makes the root area more fertile
  • it increases the yield
  • maximum growth
  • it maximizes the nutrients absorption

USAGE AND DOSAGE: Use 2 ml per liter during the first and second week of the flowering stage.

NOTE: After the application of Tarantula, we suggest to integrate fertilizers rich in sugars such as: Advacend Nutrients CarboLoad or Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy to provide the food needed to the microorganisms
contained in Tarantula.

Product list Advanced Nutrients
Doses 2ml/L
Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients
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