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The fertilizer kit Sensi Pack by Advanced Nutrients contains basic nutrients for growth and bloom, root stimulator, bloom booster. A fertilizer pack for growing in hydroponics and in soil.
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Fertilizer Kit for amazing results

The fertilizer kit Sensi Pack by Advanced Nutrients contains nutrients for growth and bloom + root and flowering stimulator.

Complete Fertilizer Kit for Soil and Hydroponics

Sensi Pack contains the bi-components for growth and flowering of the pH Perfect series: Sensi Grow A+B and Sensi Bloom A+B. Beyond the basic nutrients, other products included are: the super root stimulator Voodoo Juice, which contains more than 200 types of beneficial bacteria which increase root mass for more than 90%; Big Bud bloom stimulator with proper ratio of phosphorus and potassium for a great flowering and a high quality.

Advance Nutrients Sensi Pack

What does the adv Nutrients Sensi Pack kit include?

  • Sensi Grow A+B 500ml
  • Sensi Bloom A+B 500ml
  • Bud Candy 250ml
  • Big Bud 250ml

All fertilizers Sensi Pack are part of the series of Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect that allows you to prepare the nutrient solution without worrying about the pH.

Product list Advanced Nutrients
Root YES
Bloom Yes
Manufacturer Advanced Nutrients
Growth Yes
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