A New Extraction System Without Water

Accessories and tools for the dry extraction or cleaning of essential oils and resin.

Extraction Cleaning

A new system for the extraction of essential oils, resin and pollen is gradually replacing the traditional systems of extraction. The advantages are numerous, first of all the absence of water in the performance of the operation. The new technology makes the extraction be really advantageous from the compliance point of view with environmental regulations, which are becoming more strict, both in terms of cost and reliability. Find out the tools that allow you to implement this innovative method of extraction.

Pollinator Polm Shaker

Pollinator Polm Shaker

Polm Shaker is a tested and simple method for extracting pure crystals.

Polm Shaker XL - by Pollinator

Polm Shaker XL - by Pollinator

The Giant of the Shaker family by Pollinator to extract your own crystals.