VitaLink PK 13/14 250ml



VitaLink PK 13/14 250ml is rich in potassium and phosphorus focuses energy on fruits and flowers improving yield in both quantity and quality
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It improves yield in both quantity and quality

VitaLink PK 13/14 250ml is a potassium and phosphorus additive with a ratio of 13/14. VitaLink PK helps a better and more complete crop of plants while maintaining quality. An increase in potassium-nitrogen ratio during flowering speeds up reproductive processes that encourage plants to use more energy on flowers and fruits, giving a better yield. During plants flowering peak period, around 5/6 weeks, it is necessary to increase the level of potassium and phosphorus accelerating the reproductive processes, assuring greater yield at harvest time.

How to use Vitalink PK 13/14

For those who also use VitaLink Buddy during flowering, DO NOT use PK and Buddy together. Use the Buddy from the third week of flowering until fifth or sixth week (the peak week for flowering), then use PK for only one week, then use the Buddy again and continue using it until the eighth week.

Features of VitaLink PK 13/14

This great product has the following features:

  • Optimize yield
  • Improve the quality of plants and fruits
  • Improve plant health
  • High concentration of potassium and phosphorus
  • Dosage: use 1ml of PK per liter of water during the peak week for flowering (5/6 weeks)

Size: 250ml

Product list VitaLink
Manufacturer VitaLink
Flower Stimulator
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