VitaLink Fulvic 250ml



VitaLink Fulvic 250ml improves the absorption of nutrients, it is ideal for rooting, for plant growth and flowering.
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Ideal for root, growth and flowering

VitaLink Fulvic 250ml is a product with pure fulvic acid that improves the absorption of nutrients by the plants. Fulvic acid is known to improve translocation of nutrients around plants, meaning that nutrients are absorbed in a simpler and faster way, helping the plant grow stronger and faster. Through improved availability of nutrients, flowering, rooting and plant growth are enhanced at every stage of the plant life cycle, ensuring greater blooms and better harvests.

How to use the VitaLink Fulvic

Use Vitalink Fulvic from cutting to harvest. Like all nutrients, booster and additives, never use them in their concentrated form (ie directly from the bottle), always dilute with water and stir well. If used as foliar nutrient, spray at low intensity of light or just before the growth lights are turned off

Features of Vitalink Fulvic

VitaLink's Fulvic as well as being a phenomenal additive ideal for all stages from growth to flowering also has the following features:

  • Improve plant results at every stage of the life cycle
  • It improves the way plants carry / absorb nutrients
  • It optimizes the results of other VitaLink products
  • It benefits you from the first application

As a nutrient solution dilute 2ml of Fulvic per liter of water and mix well. As a foliar nutrient blend 10ml per liter of water and mix well.

Size: 250ml

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